Saturday, August 21, 2010

Stacey Ballis, Episode 2

Chicago based author, Stacey Ballis and her books are discussed with much fun and enthusiasm on this episode of Undercover with Deb and BethClick here to go directly to the podcast or go to  iTunes to download for later, key word search- Deb and Beth. 

You can read more about Stacey at her Blog or her website.   There you can get a complete list of her books and information on ordering her newest release, "Good Enough to Eat," hitting bookstores on September 7, 2010.   
(Duration of this episode is approximately 18 minutes.)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Deb and Beth discuss the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich

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So...Who’s Deb?

Deb is a born and raised Midwestern gal. She married her college sweetheart and bred three children with him. She works full time as a mom, drug rep, co-business owner and church & school volunteer. She loves to drink coffee, Sweet Tea from Sonic, and Vodka. (And not necessarily in that order…) She enjoys cooking, thinking about re-decorating her house and bargain shopping. She chronicles these adventures at her blog,  "It Is What It Is,”(

And...Who’s Beth?

Beth is a former Midwestern girl who now resides on the East coast.  Married, with one child, she works part-time in a bookstore (of course!) and volunteers as little as she can get away with at her daughter's school.  She loves decorating shows, decorating magazines, decorating blogs, and decorating her house.  Obsessed with being "green", Beth is a rabid recycler and health nut, at least until someone offers her Doritos.  Her Green Tips, decorating disasters, and life in general are posted on her blog, "Eye of the Beholder," (